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Welcome to my political Web site! Here I explain my history, what I believe, and my vision for Fitchburg.

As of this writing, I have served as mayor of Fitchburg for a nearly two years, and it's time to run for reelection! I announced my candidacy on December 13, 2016. Read the media release here. I respectfully ask for your support and your vote in the three-way primary on February 21, and in the spring general election on April 4.

Please return frequently as I update site pages from my 2015 mayoral race. (Check the last updated date and theNew!tag.) Please like my Facebook page for timely updates on the city and my current campaign.

I am grateful for the support of many volunteers, donors, and voters. This support has continued as I strive to govern on the same principles on which I campaigned in 2015, summarized in my postive vision for the future: The Fitchburg Idea. Read more about it here.

I believe that Fitchburg's local government should protect and empower every resident, not just the politically well-connected.

Blue Jean Nation I am a populist, or in the terminology of Blue Jean Nation founder and president Mike McCabe, of and for commoners. I stand for getting money out of politics, and for government at all levels that works for everyone, not just a political donor class. For that reason, I supported Bernie Sanders for President of the United States.

More about my values and policies for Fitchburg may be found in my platform letters. If you'd like to see how I did on previous campaign promises, platform letters from my 2013, 2011, 2009, 2007, and 2005 alder campaigns are here for your review.

One of my guiding principles is local government runs best when there is as much resident participation as possible. One way to participate is to send me your questions and suggestions. I am always glad to hear from you!

Mayor Steve Arnold

I will work to make Fitchburg ever more beautiful, livable, and sustainable for all residents, now and in the future. I stand for:

  • Opportunity for everyone to pursue and experience a great quality of life
  • Open government for campaign finance and decision-making in public view with public input
  • Responsible planning for walkable urban neighborhoods and nearby parks, working lands, and nature
  • Health and safety: for community protection and fast response to emergencies
  • Optimal investments for municipal services that benefit all residents, wherever they live in the city

I am proud to be a New Urbanist. NU principles motivate all my work in Fitchburg city government. For a three minute intruduction to NU, watch Built To Last. For more, read the Charter of the New Urbanism.

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Steve Arnold, Mayor
2530 Targhee Street, Fitchburg, Wisconsin 53711-5491
Telephone +1 608 278 7700 • Facsimile +1 608 278 7701 • Mobile +1 608 239 3900

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